Corinne Johnston
is a member of POC

Professional Organizer

*Cleaning services also available!*

I can make your life easier and stream-lined!

Anything and everything can be sparkly clean and organized!

I can tidy up andset up a system that works for you, to help you maintain it and reduce stress.

Organization & cleaning can be fun!

Yes, it can sometimes be overwhelming, knowing where and how to begin.  But it can be very rewarding, and indeed fun, to set up an organizational management system within your home or work space.  Let me help you, and you'll see the difference being tidy andorganized can make.  

Free up time and reduce stress! 

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter equals stress!  Let's get rid of the unnecessary burdens your clutter is causing.

Scan or Print Photos

Whether you need photographs scanned, organized, or printed and put into albums, I can help!

Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be time consuming and stressful!  Let me help your place shine!

Filing Systems

There's nothing more fun than creating a workable filing system!  It saves time and energy.

You are in charge!

How I clean andsort through your belongings is completely up to you!  I will choose a method that makes you feel confident and comfortable.  We can discuss options at our first meeting. 

My initial consult is always FREE!

*Cleaning Services Also Offered*

A clean house makes for a more relaxing home!

Flexible Availability

Scheduling for any service is available on a flexible schedule, with notice.

Precision and Detail

I will conduct all services with care & professionalism

Affordable Rates

I believe in charging a  reasonable rate that more people can afford.


I have complete business insurance for your protection and mine.

Cleaning & organizing your living & work space can provide peace of mind.  Everyone can enjoy the ease that comes with having a simple system for every area in your life!

About Me:

I decided to start this business as I truly enjoy organizing and cleaning, so helping others in these areas is a lot of fun for me!  I hope to pass along this enthusiasm to you!

I have training from my POC - Professional Organizers of Canada, as well as from my very organized and tidy mother.  

I believe in life long education... So I continue to take courses to improve my awareness of issues and my ability to tackle them.

Dedication & Commitment:

Pride in one's work is a good thing, and something which I can promise I bring to every home and office I visit.  Since the initial consult is free, why not contact me today? 

I would love to come up with a plan that's just right for you!

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